Hobnob Hall

Hobnob hal

We've named all our rooms after biscuits as food is such an important part of life here and we just think it's fun!

We really love this room, with its wall of windows making it an exciting and inviting space for parties, conferences and meetings.  It has four comfortable sofas, a hard floor for dancing or dining, and a large projection screen.

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Custard Cream Room - Meeting Room 1

Chocolate digestive room

We find this a pleasant, relaxing room with plenty of light, and two comfy chocolate brown sofas.  It seats up to 10-15 people informally.  It also has a large digital screen.

Chocolate Digestive Room - Meeting Room 2

Chocolate digestive room

This unusual room is a light, almost triangular space which seats about 10-15 people.  It is often hired out along with Meeting Room 3, as it makes a good reception, refreshment or storage area.  It has access from the outside and leads directly into Meeting Room 3.

Jammie Dodger Room - Meeting Room 3

Jammie Dodger room

We like this room because it's a great, multipurpose, internal room.  It is perfect as an add-on for parties, as a children's play area or disco.  It also makes an ideal meeting space, seating up to 30 people in theatre, boardroom or classroom layout with a projection screen.

Malted Milk Room - Meeting Room 4

Malted milk room

This is our cosiest room, suitable for interviews, counselling or as a hot-desk office. It's also popular as a massage and beauty treatment room.



Our kitchen provides a pleasant place to prepare food with two well-lit main areas, several work surfaces and two cookers.  It is generously equipped with crockery and kitchen equipment, coffee percolators, instant hot water and a fridge-freezer.  We love our fabulous, brand new commercial dishwasher which washes up in four minutes!  Tea towels and washing up liquid are provided.

Wheeled Access

wheeled access

Enter through the blue metal gates to the left of the main entrance and there is a sloped side entrance.  We also have a wheeled access toilet.

Basketball Court

Basketball Court

We're very fortunate to have a fenced basketball court at the back of the building which you are welcome to book at no extra cost. We simply ask that you bring your own play equipment.