A Great Place for Great Parties!

Bouncy castle

Have Your Children's Party Here!

We're becoming increasingly popular for children's parties with our fabulous, large, light filled hall.

The hall has lots of space for children to run around, also to have a children's entertainer, as well as a a large wooden floor with child size chairs and tables for party food, which makes for an easy clean up afterwards.

Want a disco? Easy, we've got an internal room which creates the darkened atmosphere to show off those disco lights and let the little ones boogie away.

Want a bouncy castle? Yes, we can fit them in.

Parents can relax on our sofas as children play or dance.

The kitchen is a good size and well equipped, with plates, bowls, mugs, glasses and a new super quick dishwasher to make those dishes disappear in a hurry.

Want A Big Family Celebration?

If you've got a big family and have run out of room at home then come here - there's so much space you can keep everybody happy.

Our sofas are a good place for a quiet, relaxing chat, while the wooden floor is good for dancing and dining, the area around the kitchen hatch is a good place to hang out for a drink. There's plenty of room for younger children to play and you can always hire another room for a disco - it's an internal room so a great place to boogie to disco lights. We've also got rooms where teenagers can get together - we know they like their own space at family parties.

Alcohol - yes, you can serve it at your party - you just can't sell it.

The best way to find out more about hiring the hall and rooms is to contact us and arrange to have a look around.

Call 01392 204979 or preferably email:info@thebeaconcentre.org  Our fantastic volunteer, Annette is in charge of bookings but only does this on a part-time basis.