Hire Fees

Welcome to our new designated hire charges for charity and community use

For other use or commercial rates, please email with details of your organisation and proposed us of the space.

Fees Charged Per Hour 
Hobnob Hall 
or Jaffa Cake Hall     
£17.50 per hour
Hobnob Hall + Kitchen)   
or (Jaffa Cake + Kitchen)
£23 per hour
 Jammy Dodger Suite              
(Chocolate Digestive Room + Jammy Dodger Room)

£11  per hour
 Custard Cream                        
or Rich Tea 
or Kitchen

£ 8.20  per hour
Malted Milk                               
or Sensory Room

£ 5.70 per hour
Hobnob Plus Deal                 
(Hall + Kitchen + Custard Cream + Malted Milk)
£31.00 per hour
Outdoor Court
£8.20  per hour
or can be added free to Hobnob Hall on request – if available

£ 8.20 per hour
or can be added free on request to Jaffa Cake Hall hire – if available                 
Line Items – can be added (per session)
Softplay Room                           

£ 5.70 per session (with Jaffa Cake Hall only)
Flip Chart                                     

£ 5.70 per session (with any room)
Overhead Projector                 

£22 per session (with Hobnob Hall only)
Series Bookings – a 10% reduction can be applied when a series of 6 or more, same room, same day, same times is booked at regular weekly or monthly intervals. 

Special Weekend Party Deal
£52.50 for 3 hours    
Hobnob Hall or Jaffa Cake Hall with Kitchen
on Saturdays or Sundays,
(extra time at £17.50 ph)
Extra rooms at Standard rate per hour. Court / Garden may be added on request, if available.

Cancellations are allowed up to 14 days before the event with no charge. If 14 days of notice, or less is given, the full fee is charged.

Where there are unavoidable cancellations by the Beacon or due to government restrictions, fees will be refunded in full.

Payments Please pay by BACS bank transfer where possible but cheques or cash are also acceptable. Details will be on your Invoice.