Charity and Community Room Hire Charges

Welcome to our new hire charges for charity and community use

For other use or commerical rates, please email with details of your organisation and proposed us of the space.

Rooms  £6.50 per hour (will be £7.50 from 1st July 2021)

Two room deal Jammy Dodger plus Chocolate Digestive

or Outdoor Court plus Chocolate Digestive  £9 per hour  (£10 from July 1st 2021)

Hobnob Hall is £15 per hour,  £19 to include Hobnob Kitchen. (From July 1st £16 and £21)

The Outdoor Court can be included on request,  with no extra charge, provided that it is available. 

Jaffa Cake is £15 per hour, £19 to include Jaffa Kitchen. (From July 1st £16 and £21). Hire includes a covered outdoor area adjacent to the hall. The garden can be added on request, with no extra charge, providing the garden is available. 

Hobnob Deal Hobnob Hall plus Hobnob Kitchen plus Custard Cream plus Chocolate Digestive plus Jammy Dodger 

£26 per hour. The outdoor court can be included on request as long as it is available. 

Series Bookings the fee is reduced by 10% for a series of 6 or more weekly bookings for the same day/time each week. 


Flip chart /white board  £5 for use of the flip chart pad and pens,

There is a white board  provided on the wall in Custard, Choc and Jammy – please bring your own whiteboard pens. 

Overhead projector and screen  £20 (per session).

TV screen in Custard Cream – no charge. 


Invoices for all hires except parties are sent out after the event (for a series – quarterly or monthly if the hirer prefers). 

Invoices for parties are sent out when the party is booked, to be paid within 6 days.  Parties are £78 for 3 hours of Jaffa Cake Hall or Hobnob Hall, to include a £30 returnable Damage Deposit. This special party rate is only available on a Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday.

Booking fees are not charged at present.

Cancellations due to suspected illness,  even if very last minute are allowed with no charge (but you must tell us before the event takes place), 

Payments Please pay by BACS bank transfer where possible on receipt of the Invoice.  (Paypal is only for parties or donations, please).