Thank You Hilary

It’s time to say a huge thank you and goodbye to our wonderful centre champion Hilary Ackland, our local county councillor who has recently retired.

During the past five years Hilary has provided invaluable behind the scenes support to the centre as well as giving us grants. We used Hilary’s last grant, of £1,850 grant to buy new furniture for the centre, pictured.

Richard Cummings, the Beacon’s first manager and now development worker, said: “We got to know Hilary in 2016 when she was preparing for election to the County Council. My first impressions of her was that she was warm and friendly and very interested in what we were doing. Once elected Hilary seemed to make a point of coming to the centre for regular visits, checking in on how we were doing, talking to residents and being a friendly face.

“Over these 5 years Hilary has been a continual supporter of the centre. She’s attended numerous events, supported new activities and joined celebrations. Hilary has also worked very hard for us behind the scenes, helping us with property questions and partnership with the County Council. In the last year, as the pandemic took hold, Hilary has remained a support figure. She’s checked in with us, joined in conversation and meetings about how to survive these times and connected us with other groups.

Whoever comes after Hilary will have big shoes to fill and a great legacy of support and relationship with the centre to continue.”