Donate to the Beacon Centre and the Coronavirus efforts

As you may know, the Beacon Centre has had to temporarily close its doors. As a consequence, the Beacon Centre has seen its income significantly reduced as we are unable to hire out the premises. This means the charity (Isca Community Enterprises) has had to apply for Council grants to safely maintain the building during this closure and to help with the ongoing running costs.

The Beacon Centre volunteers , management team and charity trustees are now working very hard  to support the local community as part of the ‘Beacon Heath and Whipton Community Support’ group in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

We are always looking for new volunteers  to help support people in their own home during this time. But if you cannot help out as a volunteer but still want to be involved in the community response, then perhaps you can consider giving some money to help the Beacon Centre in its partnership with the ‘Beacon Heath and Whipton Support’ group.

Any money donated will help the charity and your donation will help us to provide the vital support to people who really need it.